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North America

The heart of North America beats through towering forests, undulating fields, high-plain deserts, pulsating metropolises and offbeat oases.a.

21 Southern Charming things to do in Jackson, Mississippi

If the hustle and bustle of everyday life has you craving a sweet escape to a Southern charm town, let me introduce you to Jackson, Mississippi! Take it from a fast paced girl who travels the world — this town has everything you need to refresh, reflect, and have a heck of a good time (there’s my new-found Southern twang already kicking into action!)...

How to Plan a Holiday Staycation in Burbank!

’Tis the season to be festive, and Burbank is already bursting with that holiday spirit! From vintage storefronts decked out with holiday apparel in Magnolia Street, to a giant Christmas tree downtown, you’ll feel like you’re in a winter wonderland in Burbank! Well, sans the snow, since we only have perfect weather in this area! I decided to make a holiday-inspired...

You Chose Where I Went in NYC!

VIDEO: You Chose Where I Went in NYC!

Recently I went to NYC but instead of giving you travel tips, I let YOU tell me where to go and what to do in a group chat on Skype! From best places to eat, to local gems, and even a helicopter ride over the Big Apple, I did everything that everyone suggested, and had one of the best adventures ever in NYC! Group chat participants came from my social media channels...

6 Best SUPER BLOOM Places to See the in California

6 Best SUPER BLOOM Places to See the in California

Although we’re used to perfect blue skies and sunshine every day in California, and tend to either freak out or celebrate the one day it rains, we’ve been getting a lot more rain lately and that has led to some pretty awesome things! Namely, the Super Bloom that has been trending all over social media, and said to only happen every fourteen years (which is a total...